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Discussing CFD/Forex broker market share data with Joshua Bentley from OvertEd Markets

Could you provide a brief introduction to OvertEd Markets?

Sure, OvertEd Markets is a London based knowledge technology company that provides competitor intelligence and market share data to CFD/Forex and cryptocurrency brokers. We maintain the largest database on the offering and activities of retail CFD/Forex brokers globally and use proprietary algorithms to provide monthly market share data across more than 40 regional markets. All of our data is accessible directly from our cloud-based platform and is an essential tool for improving both targeted client acquisition and optimising marketing costs. We are fortunate to be working with many of the world’s leading CFD/Forex brokers, multi asset brokers and cryptocurrency platforms.

Tell us more about your recent addition of market share data for the Japanese retail FX market?

We are constantly adding new functionality and data to the platform as we evolve our product offering and work through our roadmap. We recently used our proprietary algorithms to provide clients with market share data for the Japanese retail Forex market, which is the largest in the world and largely dominated by local platforms. That being said, we do have a number of clients who are licensed in Japan with localised offerings and we are delighted to be able to bring this data to their attention. The additional Japanese market data also provides great contextual insight for all market participants and demonstrates our global depth.

What can we expect from OvertEd Markets in next 6 months? What are your plans?

We are working through an ambitious roadmap that focuses on enhancing our current offering and provides our clients with sufficient data and insight to ensure they have a competitive edge in the market and are equipped with a depth of knowledge that simply did not exist until OvertEd Markets was launched. These enhancements will lead to the subscription price increasing for new users, so now is an ideal time to adopt the platform, if you haven’t already!

What is the best thing about OvertEd Markets that people might not know about?

Firstly, the unprecedented scope of our data and its actionability has resulted in some clients achieving a return on investment in a matter of months, this simply doesn’t normally happen with research/data related products. Secondly, we have recently added consulting services to our offering and have advised on a number of strategic and Go-to-market (GTM) initiatives. More information on our platform offering and services can be found at

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